Learn Something By Chance

May 11, 2009 § 2 Comments

This eveing read ‘Learn Something New with this Screensaver.’ Wikipedia Screensaver, as the name suggests, will load a random page from Wikipedia and display it on your desktop in full screen mode every 30 seconds, but you can also configure the time delay between each page load.

Now we have been using our screensaver at Hamble College to promote events, share information and reinforcement school policy, but not really ‘learn something.’ Screens change every 3-4 weeks, but I was wondering if the Digital Leaders could create more frequent screensavers and post them directly in the ‘picture folder,’ about what they learnt the previous week. Well, I will raise it with the Digital Leaders, outline the image resolution and we will see how many Digital Leafers are willing to share what they learn.


§ 2 Responses to Learn Something By Chance

  • Hi Kristian

    Apologies – ages since I dropped by then spotted this post about the screensavers. What a good idea – I wonder if it could be combined with a the popular languages ‘word for the day’ that often accompanies websites such as about france . com?

    Hmmm – thinks…. could language dept or other depts at school be challenged to create a bank of similar such pages to use as a perpetual calendar resource screensaver thingy? And how to stop students from switching it back again?

    • Love these ideas. Through up a word and get students to create screensavers. Words / themes / issues.

      Our screensaver reads for a simple drop box folder, moving files in and out updates the screensaver. Really simple.

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