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Having always been passionate about teaching and coaching, I returned from studying at SIUE to teach at Tauntons College, Southampton (11-19) and coach part-time for Southampton FC. During my third year at Tauntons College I seeded the idea of an educational experience that combined academic learning and practical sports (football) performance. The BTEC in Sport (Performance and Excellence) started with an initial pilot group of 12 students, sharing lessons with the local professional football clubs scholars. In my seventh and final year, we enrolled 42 learners, (38 males, 4 females).

Unsurprisingly, a high proportion of the learners were more focused on their football than their learning. In an effort to engage these students I found myself using technology more frequently,  when I inadvertently stumbled upon wikis. As a result, I conceived the idea of a building an organic learning resource WITH the help of the students, for the students. The wiki snowballed, anything collaborative or embeddable was tested. Many of the ideas were reused, RSS feeds, discussion forums, portfolios, calendars, vodcasts, podcasts, screencasts (created and embedded) blog posts, slideshares, quizzes, quests, tours and cross college collaborations, and perhaps as many ideas were discarded. What was clear, the students were engaged with technology. Results improved, in fact exceeded National benchmarks, with value added scores higher still. The complimentary education / coaching and technology proved a fruitful combination.

I went on to lead the Department and Manage the Academy of Sport before in January 2007, I readily accepted the Director of E-Learning post at Hamble College(11-16). Apart from the change of subject and sector, it has proven to be the most intense CPD of my career, littered with projects, opportunities and challenges. Within the Department we have;

  • undertaken a full curriculum redesign in both Key Stage 3 and 4
  • completed an IT overhaul within the ICT Department and extended ICT provision within the school
  • restructure the budgetary plan to included maintenance and renewable policies
  • introduce ICT AUPs and disciplinary procedures
  • design extended learning programs and opportunities for student leadership
  • as well as being successful in securing ICT educational grants

In the wider context of the College, a new CMS website, wireless footprint, teacher laptop policy and this year (2009) a Laptops4Learning policy has raised the profile of ICT within the school. With students from the Digital Media and Gaming Club leading the way. The integration of our MIS and our Learning Platform has been successful and we hope to work with Edict to share sims2moodle county wide. We continue to investigate the potential for Online Reporting to Parents through Moodle.

In summary, I was a teacher and manager working with 16-19 year olds studying on Sport Courses and I am now the Director of E-Learning at Hamble College teaching Key Stage 3 and 4, a HIAS ‘Subject Lead Professional,’ leading ICT and IT strategic policy. I continue to be passionate about ‘educational teachnology’ educational leadership and FLOSS resources. You can find me on Twitter, Skype and various forums as @ Kristianstill. I am an avid reader, enjoying many professional blog s and an enthusiastic podcast listerner. I can heartily recommend all the blogs in my read roll plus the TWIT series and TED.

In addition, I used to coach football (soccer) professionally with Southampton FC and this passion for sport ties in well with my new school, Hamble Community Sports College. I hope you enjoy my musings and I welcome your comments.



§ 4 Responses to About KristianStill

  • mediasnackersstats says:

    welcome to wordpress – it rocks!

  • raxpatel says:

    been having a good look round your blog, you have some great ideas. I am currently a head of IT, i will be moving in summer to an inner city academy as an ICT co-coordinator / aspiring AST. I am very interested in some of the ideas you have.

    • Congrats on your new post and role. I would love to hear how that job develops for you. Feel free to stay in touch / visit / share ideas. Currently looking at zxing could be used to send homework to students. Should be interesting and full of hurdles.

  • Elaine Treado says:

    Hi Kristian,
    I just got a facebook request from Darren, one of the English coaches who stayed with my friend Tracey for about a month, and so I started searching for you on Facebook. This blog came up, and after a little research, I figured it had to be you. Sounds like you are doing some really cool stuff in education. And you have a son? I’m so happy for you. Send me an email and catch me up; although I just caught up a bit by reading through this blog.


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