INSET Training


Teachnology not Technology

During my ICT career as a Hampshire ‘Subject Lead Professional, I have prepared, delivered and consulted on a range of ICT CPD training.  I have delivered workshops for the ALT (Association for Learning Technologists), for Hamble College and for the Eastleigh Consortium. This summer I am presenting at both the Hampshire Advisory and Inspection Service and Open Source Schools Conferences. Most recently I was invited to contribute to the BECTA ICT Tools for Future Teachers Workshop at Brunel University. At Hamble College I lead the E-Learning strategy, which includes strategic planning, development of the ICT curriculum and ICTAC, development of the school VLE as well as staff training, INSET and online CPD. Finally, we are planning for a 1-2-1 learning solution that formally starts in Sept 09, integrating a netbook product to promote a blended learning environment for staff and students.

With a Sport Science and Physical Education degree from Loughborough University and a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology from Southern Illinois University, perhaps one of my key strengths is I look to apply ICT for teaching, for learning and professional development rather than focusing on the technology. I know how the technology works, rather than having an overwhelming knowledge of why it works. I use teachnology rather than technology. Finally, having spent 16 long months immersed in VLEs and parental reporting, can I help you accelerate the decision making process for your school?

With over 8 years teaching experiernce, I am a keen ICT innovator, working with many web 2.0 tools, contributing to global ICT networks and forums. I would welcome the opportunity to share ideas and innovations with you, your department, team or school and learn from you in exchange.

The future has already arrived. It’s just not evenly distributed yet. William Gibson


§ 2 Responses to INSET Training

  • Kevin McTiernan says:

    Hi William

    We are looking to develop ICT in the PE curriculum and would value some staff INSET. Can you give me some info on what you cover and whether it would be appropriate for a secondary school.

    • There are three strands; personal teacher effectiveness, ICT for PE teaching and ICT for PE learning.

      Gathering, pushing, sharing, creating content. Monitoring, targeting and personalising content. Free CPD, developing a PLN. Dept communications / Onenote.

      Under the second and third titles –

      Mobile apps, tools, webware, content curation. Use of video / audio w student owned devices. QR, GPS, peds, digital gyms. Fitbits, AR, modelling. PC Gaming for literacy / engagement. Geo caching. Triptico.

      It’s a broad overview. I also believe there should be an anchoring to good pedagogy. Hope that helps.

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