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This is rather neat, I must remember to send it onto Seb Schmoller. It was in his presentation that I first saw a word cloud use to presentation effect.  Wordle is an online tool which can read your del.icio.us lines, change the colour and directions of the words as well are easily removed unwanted tags, (right click). Here is my online consciousness.


Need to Change Your Mood

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After another busy week of planning, I have to admit I am finding it tough to keep up. Planning, staffing, teaching and budgeting. I have been trying to organise the KS3 curriculum to the best of my abilities, even though we have appointed a new member of staff for September, the curriculum needs preparation.

On top of that, our KS4 has come to an end and the results are disappointing. More so, the planning and preparation for moderaton really let

us down and this will be attended to. We also need to prepare a central mark book and make sure that all staff with responsibiity for groups fill it in. Second, the groups for next year and the Level 1 curriculum needs attention.

Teaching – some real positives

here, the year 7 and 8s have been engaged in a investigative module and we are preping the Yr8s for Onenote. We have experimented with authorstream and tutpup and I have been pleased with the students response.

Finally we are looking at the develo

pment of the Network and I am pleased to say the feedback we received was positive and our Network Manager is to be commended on his work. Still more to do here. Agree contracts, we still need to contact with our local school / partners and plan our next steps.

To wrap up, on getting home I reviewed my feeds and stumbled across moodstream. A little research shows just how fresh it is off the press debuting at the Webby Awards (whenever they were, but it was recent). So what is Moodstream? Well it’s an interactive image, video, audio presentation tool. I have read its ‘TV for the future’ but I am not so sure. Basically it’s a website created for and with Getty Images to showcase all of their offerings – still, video and sound. What I do agree with is that ‘it’s really, really fun to use.’ Great for when students walk into the room, presentation evenings?


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