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The UK government has pledged to get another one million people online by 2012 as it pushes ahead with moving the majority of its services onto the web. (

Also in the article, ‘some two million people are estimated to currently use UK online centres, which were set up in 2000 to tackle the digital divide.’ Having posted the notion of opening up school ICT suites and wifis, surely school are in a position to support this agenda? Weekends, evening, it would be interesting to know when these centres are most used.

At the same time the BBC is reporting that lessons in using the internet safely are set to become a compulsory part of the curriculum for primary schoolchildren in England from 2011, unveilling the ‘Click Clever, Click Safe,’ strategy.


SSAT 17th Day 3

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Its a the moment when the idea first sparks. The emphasis given to globalisation news at an Indian school showcased by one of the teacher presentations. A simple mentor activity that would need some help developing some eduX-factor, as sadly for many of our studnets the news just simply is not attractive enough on its own.

I need to contact Tony Parkin this morning, to share these wonderful, simple, visually stunning news sites with the SSAT, but I suspect it might to late for today/ this morning conference. Although, Thomas Friedman did suggest we act on our ideas and it would be in the spirit of the confernce. So my top 3 global news tools;

1. Spectra Visual Newsreader from MSBN

2. Ten by Ten

3 A little different, Boston News big picture.

Now I need to get the news to Tony Parkin.

And finally, a few days laters… Newsmap

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