Framing the Impact of the ICT at Hamble Community Sports College

March 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

A long title, but it was important to get it right.

Why ‘framing?’ Well, because in just one half term I dont really know fully what the situation truly is. This coming term I aim to find out! In reading and preparing this document I felt I discovered the starting point for progress, informed decisions. Now I have to go get the information. I suppose management is making sure that the information is collected in a timely fashion and leadership, well leadership will be what we as a school do with that information. I my only concern is that so much happens on a daily basis in the department, that I must make efficient use of my non-teaching time.

I have identified a four apects to incorporate / review,

  • adopting BECTA’s self-review framework
  • conducting ICT Infrastructure Matrix Report and set out an ICT Investment Plan
  • adopting Becta’s Framework for ICT Technical Support
  • providing staff with the opportunity to communicate their ICT expectations, skills and reservations.

Perhaps the last one I will try and use blist or sharepoint.


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