World of Goo

October 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

Last year we stumbled upon World of Goo , a physics based puzzle / construction game with millions of Goo Balls. With little funds in the DMGC coffers,  price tag of $20 per licence, was a sticking point. However, with World of Goo turning 1, a new offer appeared on thier blog, one we felt we could support it. You can now pay what you think its worth. Hurrah.

So we decided to put Goo into one ICT suite and paid $150, or $5 a licence.  According to “d Boy Games, the birthday sale has been a huge success, and because of that, they are extending their little experiment / celebration until sunday, October 25. So go on, treat your students to some mental dexterity edugaming in the name of Science, well

This afternoon our students got their first attack at Goo and it went down a storm. Not all the students were as enthusiastic as I was, but it certainly caught the attention / imagination of the more constructive students in the group. Tomorrow it goes out to the Powder Toy gang!

Still unsure, Yes!  You can get the demo

World of Goo Trailer 2 Director’s Cut
Uploaded by 2dboy. – Check out more gaming videos.



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Werewolf is a game of deception, involving 8 to 15 players. Each player is assinged a secret role, and tries to survive, and use cunning to discover the roles of others. Werewolves win by killing enough villagers to outnumber them; villagers win by killing the werewolves. Every night, the werewolves collude to kill a villager; every day, the entire village votes to kill someone they suspect of being a werewolf.

I thought that might be a very good way to bring a group of students together, say a group of Digital Leaders. Waiting to hear back from the Werewolf359 team and waiting for my village to gain sufficient players. If you are reading this, what are you waiting for, sign up.

How else could this be used with a purpose? Anyone for sixtostart got any ideas?

The Battle for Newerth

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The Digital Media and Gaming Club began with another tutorial in ALICE. A simplified 3D animator that encourages programming and creative construction. The students are making real progress with ALICE, some of the animations we hope to showcase on our college website, I am very proud of the lower College students in particular. ALICE is fun, but DMGC finished with something far more important, ‘The Battle for Newerth.’

The two armies are now in sight, the smell of battle is in the air, and the drums of war begin a dance of death. Victory or extinction, glory or defeat, the very hand of fate lies in the warrior grip of the SAVAGE.

The Battle for Newerth is a multi-player contest that combines aspects of the real-time strategy (RTS) and first-person shooter (FPS) genres and is credited as being the first real time strategy shooter (RTSS) – these three acronyms are now added to my quickly expanding gaming vocab. It takes place in the distant future when humankind has rebuilt society following an apocalypse, but is threatened by intelligent beasts.

Those of you that know me, will know I am not a passionate gamer. What I am passionate about the engaging students. Rest assured, Savage – Battle for Newerth will see a significant increase in DMGC popularity next week. Although my colleagues play, I tend to watch how the students interact. The different roles and interplay required means that students have to work together, form alliances and collaborate. Jon also mentioned he liked that fact that everyone, over 40 players, were involved.

‘….a level of trust is essential in your team and strategy to outwit your opponent.’

With each battle lasting an hour, there will be only one winner…. the DMGC. My thanks to my colleague Andrew for his hard work with this project.

I think I may even try and get a slot in the assemblies to show the students what is out there. Did I mention is was free. According the website (blocked in school) Savage 2- A Tortured Soul is also available.

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