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April 22, 2009 § 2 Comments

Dropmind is a mind mapping two that comes in two flavours, desktop and webapp. Dropmind takes full advantage of Microsofts Silverlight to offer a powerful visualization tool, with no limits in thinking space.

Next is BB Flashback, record any portion of the screen (full desktop, a window, or a region) and you can even review your recording frame-by-frame. Other than microphone audio, you may also incorporate webcam video into your screencast, not that any of my students would like to see me in their tutorials. Jing has delivered for us, but we can not put it out over the network. We like screentoaster alot, the FLV download, but with 30 PCs all accessing their site at the same time we have experienced some inconsistency.   – will BB Flashback be a solution especially with the final screencast video exported in either Windows Media, SWF or Flash Video format or simply upload them to one of the many video sites.

Web based project management tool Gantter just start adding tasks and resources just like you would on the desktop version of Microsoft Project if that does fit the bill then try openproj.



March 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Now we termed the phrase edugame when trying to decided which ‘games’ were appropriate for the DMGC students. First person shooters (FPS), tend to mean guns, blood and gore are for good reason, sensitive subjects within education. However, discount the guns and add a pinch of sexual tension, we get Shakespeare and Chaucer.

Seriously now, we gave the issue of FPS real consideration. We decided to ignore all modern / realistic FPS but did accept paintball and period shooters with historical context. This was supported by a letter to parents outlining that some games did have a ‘mature’ rating. More recently we have introduced the students to Real Time Strategy games in which the action is played out continuously without breaks, games such as Savage and Swine.

The spin off is we have used more flashbased edugames as lesson starters and as entire lessons. Flash edugames such as Lighbot, The Impossible Quiz and Fantastic Contraption. Today, my colleague Andy created a very quick and simple start menu, linked to our classroom management system. Two clicks and I change reward students with edugaming fun. Staying with the theme, I added some curriculum edugames from a article I read today to my Delicious account (and I know have 40 tagged edugame recommendations), stop disasters game simsweatshop and a referral robomind. Enjoy your learning. Enjoy watching the students learn!

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