Digital Media and Games Club Proposal

November 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

The 3rd week, and the 3rd week of growth. Thats great news. This is a credit to Andrew Sangster, my colleague for all the hard work he has put into the project so far. More good news, on Monday we received positive feedback on the DMGC Leader proposal. While there is still work to do on the final pitch, it has been very well received ticking a number of key funding foci. We are addressing inclusion, attendance, leadership, encouraging low aspirational white working class males to get involved in extra-curricular studies albeit with the caveat of gaming at the end of the session and ICT for girls. Of course we get to write our own curriculum for the workshops, now thats fun teaching. No specification to restrict you, no fear of failure for the staff or the students, we can go where the learning takes us and there is no deadline. When the students exhaust the software, we will change or rather they will tell us that they have had enough. Watch this space.

Now a reminder to self – in GIMP we are trying to create the posters for ICT at Hamble College. What if we created the artwork for the next SSAT conference and sent it in??


DMGC Week 2

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Well we didnt expect that! We had 46 students arrived and two can after other clubs. Thats nearly a 80% increase from week 1. We started with a few annoucements and then gave a short demo of GIMP. We were not expecting so many students, registration was awkward. I might asked if we can have an official register in Sims? Students dipped their toes in the graphics art water and we set a DMGC task of creating a piece of art work for the corridor.

We introduced the term Digital Leader and gave the Year 11 students the reponsibility of setting up and introducing the first game. What did we learn?

Now in two rooms, the younger students accidently joined the wrong server / game (in the other room). We now know to passward protect the game in each room.

We need more headsets – cost.

We are collecting small donations (no more than £1), but we need to raise £600 for a decent gaming headsets for both rooms. Donations need to be collected at the start but we do not want this to be an issue. Students do not have pay, but a small contribution is appreciated.

Year 11 students were fantastic. We expect that they will run next weeks session.

Set up a dummy server on which to run the game, running the server PC from a gamers/leaders PC caused the game to slow down.

At 5pm, students were disappointed that its finished? Is a 5pm finish late enough? If it was later would parents join us or make collection easier?

A bright start so far.

Digital Leaders

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We only two ICT staff last year, a Digital Leaders programme was almost impossible. We opened the facilities as much as possible but it was exhausting. Now with three staff, fewer discipline issues, we have a structured support programme. At least one ICT room is open every break and lunch time for all students, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons were originally set aside for Yr 11 Workshops, although this has been extended to include Yr 10s aswell.

Wednesdays are now officially the Digital Media and Gaming Club sessions. It combines teaching the students simple ICT skills, set out in a small curriculum (to be designed), and networked gaming opportunities in the second half of the session. My colleague Andrew Sangster is doing a great job here, sourcing and testing the games.

‘The Digital Media and Gaming Club (DMGC) blasted off on Wednesday after College and it was fantastic!! There were about thirty students there but Mr Sangster wants to make it sixty, class room vs class room! Virtually of  course! We all gave in our small donation, a few silver coins, and got cracking. First we learnt how to access our users areas and email remotely and then we played Urban Terror, a great first person shooter.’

Incorporated into these extra curricular session are the Digital Leaders, positions of responsibility within IT that we hope will have a significant role in promoting ICT at Hamble College. We have sent in our proposals to HIAS to see if we can get some much needed financial support.

ICT Digital Leaders, Digital Media and Gaming Club (DMGC) and Generation Y projects

ICTAC Netbooks Project – Proposal

We are currently in the progress of developing a Digital Leader project which also encompasses the (DMGC) and Gen Y projects and a second project that investigates the feasibility of Netbooks at Hamble Community College. Although separate projects each draws on the benefits derived from the other.

Our aim is to address four key areas of ICT at Hamble Community College which we expect to impact ICT attainment in KS 3 and KS OCR Nationals

  1. Student Behaviour in ICT (focusing on low achieving boys)
  2. ICTAC, specifically showcasing, trailing and advertising new software for cross curricular use
  3. ICT CPD through the subsidiary GEN Y training programme
  4. ICT for Gifted and Talented

Senior Digital Leaders and Digital Leaders posts are currently being advertised. The advert is available here.

Digital Leader posts are attached to the Attitude to Learning assessment. Students are expected to work towards an ATL grade 1 or 2. Students who are not achieving this benchmark will be able to attend the workshops not will have restrict Gaming time / roles during gaming (eg non captain roles, reduced playing time).

A number of the workshop activities are planned, focusing on IT access, use of software for academic learning, (Microsoft Office, Outlook and Internet, specially linked to Assessment Outcomes in Unit 1) Digital Art (linked to Unit 4 Design and Use Multi-Media Products and branding aspects of in Unit 1), collaboration (google docs and social-book marking), new technologies (netbooks and busbies) but also PC and printer maintenance (Gen Y). These workshops will also be used to showcase, trial and advertise new software, for example Comic Life, preparing students to support staff in using ICTAC. These workshops will also provide an opportunity to extend learn for the gifted and talented students, an addition to extension activities in class.

Gen Y used the outline and inspiration from the genyes programme, especially the GenYES (students helping teachers with classroom technology) and TechYES (student technology literacy certification and peer mentoring). We aim to develop a students training programme, introducing the Digital Leaders to the College VLE in an effort to facilitate staff CPD.

1. Headsets




2. Inter Community Gaming Cup




3. Inter School Challenge




4. College Digital Leaders Badges




6. College Digital Artwork budget A0




7. College Digital Artwork budget A3




Report for sharing with Schools






All FLOSS software will be shared with HIAS staff TRAINING iSC

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