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March 16, 2009 § 2 Comments

‘You can only improve your teaching by changing it.’

CPD in a can. That is how I referenced Geoff Petty’s website the  teacherstoolbox. This is the first place I came across Hattie, across PAR and someone with an endearing passion for learning and research in equal amounts.

Geoff makes the impact of the teacher on learning very simple with his explanation of pedagogical research and effect sizes. It was as the result of one of his presentations I learnt one of the most important teaching lessons of my career. Feedback is the single most signifcant factor in learning, after that, its student prior cognitive ability. So to be a successful teacher, offer regular feedback to bright students who will respond to it. Education made simple.

So why visit Geoff today? Well, as a middle leader team we are looking to reduce within school variance by proposing a school teaching model. We debated the terminology and constructs and decided to have a trial run at it from difference Departmental perspectives. The more middle, senior team meetings I attend the more appreciate the breath of overview required to make decisions.


SSAT Strategies for Developing PL & New Technologies

February 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Looking forward to tomorrows CPD. I am not 100% sure what to expect but I am looking forward to the day and will post my reflections afterwards…..

So here they are….

John Davitt was both informative and thought provoking with a nuber of useful tools. Two that struck me a very useful was an updated version of the ICT picnic proces,s, John Davitt’s Learning event generator, where  staff raffle topics and models for that delivery of that content. For example

do ‘glaciation’ as ‘a 10 second movie shot on  mobile phone.’

If you have more ideas, he would welcome you to contribute, add to his global wiki.

The second was a tool that enables staff (with students) design the lesson using a matrix or ‘score’ that was controlled with a slide bar. I will investigate this further and ask John for more details. Well I found out its called the learningscore.

Learning Score is an amazing multimedia lesson-planning and delivery tool that uses a music score metaphor to show the range of planned activities for a lesson as a graphical time line. The software also allows you to embed the resources you will use (text documents, video, audio, interactive projects, web sites, web conferences) in the visual plan itself. Whole lessons can be saved with all their resources and annotations for later use and sharing.

I was also lucky enough to meet  a local colleague from ALNS (local school) and Toby Holman from Kingood . In particular I enjoyed his frankness and openess to sharing his views. I hope to continue that paticular conversation. Please take advantage of Toby’s talent / achievement wall script which he was hapy to share. A script that identifies the talents of the students in an aesthetic webwall.

His instructions; open the Excel doc and edit talents, copy and paste the concatenated text in to the index.html file and edit header.

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