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October 8, 2009 § 1 Comment



I was reading ’16 Ways To Win £25k And Change Informal Learning In The UK’  on Ewan McIntosh’s blog and stopped to consider our learning responsibilities. It does frustrate me that we have such wonderful IT services here at Hamble College and such little out of school hours use but to add to that, I am not currently stepping forward to host / teach / support in the evening. But am I really needed?

What if schools could opened their wireless connectivity to their local communities? Open internet access where learners can learn for themselves? Local authorities could post wireless access edumaps with control passed over to the school network manager. It’s not like most schools are not already screening the internet usage of the students and additional users in the evening would not be a drain on the network out of school hours.

My over-riding thought was that it is a shame that we have fantastic connectivity – disconnected. So I posted on those thoughts / feelings on the submit and idea link.


ICT Tools for Future Teachers Workshop

March 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

This past weekend I accepted an invitation to attend an ICT CPD, commissioned by BECTA and hosted by Marilyn Leask at Brunel University (Prof of Education). Described as a

‘workshop reviewing what ICT tools teachers find effective now, and what they would like to help them in their work for the future.’

it was a great opportunity for me personally but also enabled me to connect with a number of professional colleagues I have collaborated with through my PLN for a few years, but never met. Ian Usher, Mile Berry and Drew Buddie were made 3D and I would like to think that our future collaborations were only encouraged (although I can not speak for them). I am not going to recite the events of the workshop but touch on one of two personal reflections and workshop themes. « Read the rest of this entry »

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