Forgotten Forms

December 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

AFL Radio Buttons and Drop Downs – the forgotten forms – and the time to write a post!

The much maligned ‘Assessment for Learning.’ Every student is expected to reflect on their learning and take responsibility for the quality of their work within out Department. To increase learner responsibility with 16-19 years was challenging, but with 14-16 its taken even longer for the learners to see its value. Every piece of work our students submit comes with a simple, but effective front sheet. Students have to tick/check boxes that the work has been reviewed and it is their own work. With Moodle, we have good intentions to extend AFL to offer more options with submissions but we are not there yet although the feedback module is installed and at the ready.

Inherent in almost all the OCR National units is testing or seeking feedback, (see unit 7, 4, 22, for example). We have used a range of webware tools to upload and share student work (authorstream / voicethread), and we have polled students on their opinions / enjoyment and teaching-learning experience via Google Doc Forms. We really like the Google Forms, but we were looking for a quick and easy tool for ‘testing or seeking feedback’ so we looked at radio buttons and drop downs within WORD 2003. Both worked well and were easy to construct with a little help from the help tool (press F1). I have created a basic form and learnt how to add radio buttons and group them (taking longer than both Moodle Feedback and Google Forms). Now I need your help, when I open the aforementioned Word Doc/form, the form always opens in the design view. Does anyone know how to get the form to open ready to be used?

Second, its Christmas and a time for sharing. We are also developing a grades database with Unitary/modular grades, colour coding target setting and a student/parent conference display for parents evening. You are more than welcome to share and review this homebrew product, as long as you acknowledge the designer/author, my colleague Andrew Sangster. Drop me email if you want to review it.


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