An Imagination Machine

November 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Another fantastic re-direct from my RSS reader. My learning really is global. I find it amazing that I can watch the keynote speakers from a conference in New Zealand. Today I watched Dr Gary Stager presentation, ‘10 things you can do with a laptop.‘ With nearly 20 years experience of digital education and 1:1 computing, Dr Stager is well placed to lead the conversation. In particular I noted his view,

1:1 computing is NOT about hardware, it is about SOFTWARE. Software determines what you DO. What you learn depends on WHAT YOU DO.

So, that leads to our DMGC first steps into Scratch. I am disappointed that I have not been able to experience and play with scratch more myself but within 1-2 hours students a few students were hooked. We had i-touch type games (tap tap tap) where Tim and we raced our cats around a very basic track, mean time Grace was creating a very basic traffic frogger type game. Great, now the challenge is to a) get them to download scratch and ‘play’ at home and b) extend their playing/programming – ‘plagramming.’



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