1.2 LftM Emotional Intelligence

November 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

In light of the diagnostics, I would like to think that I have reasonable EI, however one area of difference was my perceived motivational qualities and those recognised by the raters. Hopefully this course may raise a few potential solutions. To date, I have done little to develop my EI, although I did attend the impact of generations keynote by Dr Graeme Codrington at SSAT. So, the first task.

1.2 The Emotionally Intelligent Leader – Practising emotional literacy

Emotionally intelligent leaders:

  • recognise their own emotions and label them accurately
  • understand their own emotions and become better at controlling them
  • are then able to increase their behaviour options in different situations
  • use this increased awareness and self-control to work with and through others to achieve their own goals and those of their school
  • continue to develop their own self-awareness, recognising there is always the potential for something new and unexpected to happen

Select one of the competencies above. Choose a day you experienced recently in school (yesterday, last week etc). Reflect on the day as though it were a video playing back. Where can you see yourself demonstrating your chosen competency?

I am not sure that this is a very appropriate task, considering I already noted that my EI could do with a little refinement. Given the title, recognise their own emotions and label them accurately

Go through this process again with a different competency.


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