1.1 LftM – Personal change

October 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

This evening I started to look at the Leading from the Middle tasks. The quality of the materials is very good but I am really supposed to record my reflections on a piece of paper and move onto the next task? I always thought that the journey was as important as ones arrival? I have got the large folder provided with the course to check if there is room / space in there for these activities – so I am recording it here. It is not my usual musing, but feel free to join me if you like…

The first task was to collect a leadership diagnostic. I have four replies and one part reply. I could get my feedback now, but I am going to wait for Andy (my departmental colleague) to complete his first.

Next – My first online task 1.1. Personal Change.

Who am I?

On a large sheet of paper, draw a line to represent your life (or the last, say, ten years of your life)

Indicate where you are now – Married to Donna, father of Harry (14 months). Director of E-Learning Hamble College, Lead Practitioner for ICT.

Mark on the line key events in your life, with the dates or year – you will have to trust me that I have done this.

Draw a line representing each event as a peak or trough – almost all peaks, with the exception of two very difficult situations, with one decision leading to the most influential and positive professional decisions.

Reflect on the peaks or troughs:

  • Did I take a risk? Yes, but most involved very little risk. (I am sure my wife would be pleased to read that statement.
  • Did I choose to do this? Yes.
  • What did I learn from this? Decisions need to be made, regardless of whether or not they are difficult decisions.

Mark each event:

  • S = somewhat stressful/SS = stressful / SSS = very stressful

How stressful was it? – Personal situations have tended to be more stressful than professional ones.

How happy was it? Generally happy.

Reflect on the following questions:

  • What does this lifeline say about me and my life so far? Generally positive and that I can manage myself.
  • Does anything surprise me? What are the most important elements in my past experiences? I dont think so, but I am fully aware that teaching and middle leadership has the potential to be stressful. I am acutely aware that my family are the most important aspect of my life.
  • Are there any common elements in my trough experiences? Taking on significant tasks.
  • What have I learned from my troughs? What have I learned from my peaks? The troughs can be worked through. When on a peak, look back / down and take a moment to think through how you got to the peak and decide whether or not you took an appropriate route or if there was indeed a better one?
  • Do I take risks? Yes, but calculated risks.
  • Are there themes in my life? Are any unfinished? Yes, there are themes, personal challenge, determination, but there seems to be too many tasks being attempted at the same time, to frequently. Less is more.
  • Are there any changes in my life pattern with age? Family, I still enjoy working.

So there it is, task 1.1 completed. Do I feel I understand myself more effectively? Not really but it was an interesting task.


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