1.1 LftM Review

October 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

I didnt dwell on self talk, nor on moving out of your comfort zone. To be honest, moving from post 16 Sport Science to 11-16ICT is a big enough move for me. Given the task of highlighting tasks that invoke comfort, tension, anxiety or panic I am pleased to say, I was not paniced, if a little anxious.

Goals – Articulating your personal vision

This is a personal reflective activity. Do try to give yourself time to complete it fully: allow at least one hour of uninterrupted time.

So, LftM is already showing itself to be a significant time commitment. When (other than half-terms) do we have an hour of uniterrupted time? If I did, I know I would have significant tasks to complete during that time.

Find yourself a quiet space and a notebook or paper

Make up a few statements about your aspirations (the things you want) in all aspects of your life. Record these statements.  See current projects tab at the top.

At this point, in reading the task I have more important things to do than to draw my imagined new life and what it looks / feels like. There are more questions, but I am finding this a little…..

I am supposed to be suspending any limiting thoughts and doubts. I dont think this is really me.

What kind of person are you? I will have a look at the diagnostics.

  • Describe your health and fitness. I am active.
  • What sort of relationships do you have? I have a wonderful wife, very supportive and helps me balance my work / family life.
  • What material possessions do you own? Not sure what this has to do with anything? Warren Buffet, lives in his original home and when asked why he didnt live anyway more grandeur he replied, ‘Would I be happier?’
  • Describe your ideal home/living environment. In time I may move somewhere quieter, more rural but again, what does this have to so with leading from the middle?
  • How do you spend your recreation and social time?
  • What is you ideal profession or vocation?
  • What kind of teacher are you?
  • How do your pupils see you?
  • What individual learning opportunities have you created?
  • What sort of community of society do you live in? How do you contribute?
  • What travel opportunities have you created?

Thats enough, I am not wasting my time on this. Again, I am frustrated with this process! I am not even sure I am going to focus my vision.

Focusing your vision. Next you need to find out which of these visions is closest to your heart, which ones do you want the most?

Sorry, I am moving on to ‘Do you have any untapped potential?’

List two or three areas in which you are not fully using your potential or where you have not developed at all? This is a much more difficult and direct question to answer. Leading on creating learning materials. Working with disaffected male learners. Sadly, even if I wanted more input here, it would not be timely possible.

Identify an occasion when you were very effective as a middle leader. Getting a 50% increase in pass rate in one year. We had disaffected students, limited time and discipline issues to manage. We made three strategic decisions. We identified those capable of passing, we increased contact time through accelerated workshops and gave parents regular written updates. 

Identify an occasion when you were ineffective as a middle leader. Managing poor attendance and punctuality of IT staff and making them accountable.

What is the difference between these two occasions? Knowledge and confidence to address the situation.

What are your current challenges in your leadership. Concluding and then managing 2 major IT projects. Expanding my view of leadership and to be more involved in whole school curricular projects.



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