Netbook Update

September 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

With a delayed delivery (23 days), our netbook (L4L) project took a rather significant ‘respectability’ hit – however the team have delivered a strong response in terms of service and product.

With the units delivered late our team worked morning and evenings to create and install the image and manage and modify the group policies to be effective student learning tools. We still have software to add including the ebook reader, pdf documents and textbooks.

Feedback has been positive from students and parents alike. So much so the project is to be extended to Year 11 students on a revised scale reflecting the timeframe and licencing/warranty costs.

Our next step is to visit Brune Park and to refine our assessment targets for the project focusing using Fisher scores and the number of students their reaching projected grades. A more detailed outline our image / AD / group policies will follow in due course.

(PS – apologies to anyone that had to read such a poorly written article – but I was determined to write a post before the week was out.)


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