First CLT Meeting

September 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Despite requesting that I be informed when the Headteacher arrived for the CLT meeting, I was late in fact late. Second, despite months of conscientious hardwork, Lenovo has let us down with the delivery of the Netbooks. Subsequently my first real contribution to a CLT meeting was to inform the team that the Laptopns4Learning project would be delayed for 2 weeks.

My overall impression of these meetings is dominated by the breadth of discussion. Every meeting includes a wide array of topics, unsurprisingly primarily data driven. The other impression is that strategic thinking must consider both the immediate impact and long term impact of change. Perhaps this is an area I can improve.

So, in the next few weeks I will endeavour to report back how we will be assessing the impact of the laptops for learning programme. What data can be drawn to show support and investment in the project. I an anticipate a spike in exam results, but what evidence can be attributed to the availability of netbooks? Will there be an impact on behaviour? An improvement in the motivation of boys? What about an improvement in inclusion of students with learning diversities? Will staff encourage or stifle the project? There is certainly more to this project than getting the idea off the ground and I need to be able to assess, with data, its impact.

Its not all doom and gloom, we were successful in our application to Edict for a grant to develop and share the Sims2moodle project, what is more, today we received our first request for support from Millchase Community Technology College. The Music Department have been fitted with 16 ICT Music stations and we look forward to hearing about their developments and finally our Moodle installation was moved to a new Linux server installation with noticeable speed improvements.


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