Hands Free PE?

August 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Just what will potential will be realised with a new ‘hands free’ controller within the games industry is unknown, but my immediate thoughts turned to education, PE in particularly.

With the infrared cameras and motion sensers detecting the movement of 48 different points on a ‘gamers’ body, (including hands, legs, feet and head) to create a virtual onscreen character – physical feedback sprung to mind. Its the former PE teachers in me.

The Natal demo I watched was basically a virtual dodgeball game that allows users to kick, slap, or headbutt oncoming balls but I am sure there is plenty of recorded feedback. Imagine the opportunities, instant charting of physical development (data collected on a national / international scale) aswell as calcualating and presenting performance improvements. Inter-school competitions like none other, connecting online rather than sitting on a minibus. The opportunities are mind boggling.

* Just for the record I am very much for inter-school face to face competition. The bounding on the bus, the social interaction and ‘real’ competition is a wonderful experience. Its just the those thoughts were not inline with the tone of the post.

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