Windows 7

July 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

If you have not seen Windows 7 its worth asking one of the technicians to find an old (yes old) PC and testing it. We have a test PC in our annex / side office. Its running on a Pentinum 4 with a 1GB of RAM and there are no complaints.

What is more, if your school has a School Agreement with ‘Software Assurance,’ you will be the first to get access to it, somewhere in the middle to late August. How would those old tired XPs PCs run with Windows 7? Could Windows 7 breathe much need life into those unloved units? Or are you/we going to be sensible and wait for the first service pack?

How to start a Windows 7 deployment

Deployment Tech centre

Deployment training video on Win 7 DISM, from MS Learning:

I would love to say we are going to join the race, be exciting and taking a few risks, but its more likely that we will wait and be cautious. We might run a mini test suit though on say 6/7 PCs.



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