The Man for the Prue

July 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

I don’t think Russell Prue ICT Evanglists needs an introduction. He spoke recently at the EdICT Harnessing New Technologies Day and here are my takeaway messages.

First it was nice to see Russell deal with a small technology fault with good humour, a challenge to overcome or circumvent. So often these technical hiccups lead to presentation indigestion.

Blogging is a job, yes occupation, that didnt exist 18moths ago. The ‘we are preparing students for jobs that don’t exist’ theme.

The new OCT ICT GCSE. Modular, test when ready, online, no paper, thank goodness – there is change a foot.

Bearerbrookes staff paid on customer satisfaction not sales – I really need to ask the students more about their learning. I planned to introduce more frequent student reviews this year but this was not achieved.

On the issue of technology in the classroom, Mp3 players, mobile phones. Deal with the behaviour not the technology.

Snappr / QR code – interesting. Oh – that’s what those squares are. Isn’t that like Microsoft TAGs? (see previous post)

Whiteboard on the desk becomes a learning arena and not a learning object. That was my interpretation of his point.

Overall, I enjoyed the man from the Prue, a very fitting speaker who set the tone of challening the status quo with his early comment of ‘every once in a while its good to bite the hand that feeds you.’


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