Climate of Moodle Moot UK 09

April 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

MoodleMoot has been a very rewarding experience. There is no need to outline content of each keynote or individual breakout session (I am sure that the majority of presentations will be uploaded to the moodlemoot uk 09 site) – what I wish to reflect upon and emphase is the climate of the conference.

Moodlemoot delegates seemes to be extremely ‘open’ and willing to communicate and share their experiences. I can only assume this reflects the philosophy of Moodle? Breakout sessions where purposely long and extremely well used.

Finally, may I take this opportunity that thank the moodle community and those involved in hosting this event and encourage all education institutions to take advantage of this event at a very reasonable cost. 

As with all conferences I have attended, there are many presentations that simple display and deliver content. IMHO such presentations (perhaps a necessity in terms of a keynote) are not very powerful learning events, well not for me anyway. May I say that during the conference two presenters took a different approach. Dominique-Alain Jan introduced a topic and then presented problems for the delegate to solve. Hans De Zwart openly acknowledged the limitations of the presenter model, explaining that it was ‘in doing’ a task students learnt. As a consequence the person who would get the most out of his presentation would ironically be himself!

Well it was a very entertaining presentation and I am sure his enthusiasm for Moodle and learning will not go unnoticed in his new post with Shell.

View more presentations from hansdezwart.


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