Redesign the Learning Environment

April 3, 2009 § 2 Comments

We are planning to introduce students to a range off software applications during the DMGC. I was considering Google Sketchup and Draw Plus. At the same time I am very unhappy with the current classroom configuration in ICT. A rather limiting ‘default style.’ Perhaps we could match the two projects and ask the students to design the ICT rooms? Canwe partner with Technology? More importantly will we be able to act upon the designs?


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§ 2 Responses to Redesign the Learning Environment

  • John Wareham says:

    ICT Dept just finished marking and returning HLP’s (Home Learning Projects) on exactly this subject – some awesome work from Year 7’s and Year 8’s that will be used to help mould a new ICT suite. Students given a few basic pointers to consider (layout, furniture, kit (PC’s hardware / software) etc) with a blue sky approach for extension – returns include formal quotes, 3D models, carbon footprint, security, lighting, acoustics and much more – some radical and phenomenal designs, I never cease to be amazed by young minds ! It seems so easy. But, answering the million dollar Q – can we act ? Now that’s a challenge !

  • John, ‘wood for the trees.’ As staff we see the same classrooms day in day, but can we see them in a different light? The younger the students, the less inhibited they are and the less likely they are to accept ‘sorry, we cant manage that.’ I seem to remember a pdf on ‘joinedupdesign,’ using student views – here is hoping.

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