5 Minute Meals #8

March 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

Topic or Tool: Creative Common Images on a BIG scale. The reason for the post is the result of two unique events. During a recent school visit I saw an example of a block poster / rasterbator on the wall in the tech office, a reminder, and today I was introduced to some great eduart.

Take great creative common images and blow them up. Useful for ICT, but also any curriculum area as wall art.

Take an image from one of the create photostreams on Flickr -such as Interesting Snippets – Lynetter, Quote Cards from the Learning and Change Pool or michaelmarlatt and blow it up big using Block Posters or rasterbator.

What does it cost? For the most part FREE. Just you have to print out the A4 sheets.

How it could be used for teaching? Well the content is education in itself. We have laminant the sheets and used them as giant visual puzzles in the past. Without doubt the easiest impact is as wall art.

If you do make use of the art, I would to see a photo….

Image attribution to Bill Gracey on Flickr under this CC Licence



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