Hampshire VLE Day

March 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

In preparation for the Hampshire VLE day I have created two presentations. One investigating the startup processed I pursued at Hamble College in seeking our VLE and the second looking at how including students in CPD and strategic ICT policy can bring benefits to the school.
In summarising the 1st presentation, the takeaway messages are uninspiring, dis-spiriting even, but after 12 months hard work I learnt three key points;

  • one size does not fit all, your vle considerations are personal to the school in which it will operate.
  • ‘data is king’ – you can not stray too far from data – especially when dealing with vles
  • you must keep your focus, take aim with the end in mind.

Now you could add cost into that list, but I thought I would take a less synically viewpoint. No actually I need to get that added, its not cynical, it was, and will always be, a factor.

This is only my third presentation on this scale. I have worked hard on my presentation zen, experimented with my visuals and applied new techniques, overall I am pleased with the outcome, only it took nearly the whole  day to complete.Second, the process refreshed may key point for me, however none more important that the first time I read the Vision in Action Genyes document.

All links can be found in via the delicious account tagged vle, plus many others. The presentations are here Students as Champions and here  Strategic Implementation. If you want direct access please access my Skydrive account here. Both presentations are available.

Any feedback from colleague would be appreciated. I have broad shoudlers – I would prefer you real thoughts than a sugar coating.

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