Music is the Alive and CC

March 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

The audio interference during last weekends conversation was Spotify. A cross between iTunes and early Napster, Spotify allows you to access millions of free and legal music while sharing your taste. You don’t own the tracks or download them, you just listen online with adverts every 20minutes. Playlists smooth out the experience, ‘you never need pay for music again’ I heard ‘unless you want to own it that is.’ But that’s not what our students need. (incidentally musicovery is still a favorite too.)We need audio tracks for their video coursework and I want to teach the students online responsibility as well as copyright.

Freshhotradio is a slick new web application that aims for some very specific objectives: High quality, fresh, free-to-download independent music that you can start listening to right away.  Not too dissimilar in aims to Jamendo. Fresh Hot Radio brings hand-picked, high-energy tracks but here is the twist, free to download,. You simply click on the link provided and get it. Job done. How long before it gets blocked and the students work takes a side step?

I just loved ‘Sleepy Town Manufacture’ – ‘Don’t You Miss Me?

In fact you might just get to hear it at the HIAS VLE presentatio next week as an intro or backing track.  I am unsure whether to go the video or ppt route?


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