March 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Two quotes to impact upon my thinking tonight;

ICT needs to be given high status, both by the government and in individual schools, in line with its importance to young people’s future economic well-being – Chief inspector of schools Christine Gilbert

In the weakest providers, links between ICT and other subjects were not made, but in the best, ICT resources were spread across the teaching of all subjects – and not merely available in a computer room.

ICT has a future, there is a bold statement. Second, ICT is best when delivered as ICTAC. How long will it take the government to realised that subject based education is ‘Education 1.0.’ I do not know on many employers who actively seek unidimensional staff. I will continue to promote probject based learning and PLTS and ICT as a contributor to every curriculum area (in varying degrees). This at a time ‘Fewer English children are taking qualifications in information technology,’ Ofsted says.

I am not preaching here, ICT is not a prerequisite of a good lesson. Today we introduced students to interview techniques – through speed datings. The stimulus was that well known saying ‘first impressions count.’ WIth Year 7s first taught how to introduce themselves and then apply for a student voice position, as outlined in a school position advertisement. Student were interviewed 5 times, at random and the only ICT in this lesson was www.e.ggtimer.com/45 and the Worksheet created in word. When asked to score the lesson, students averaged the 7.7/10 with only one student giving the lesson less than 5 (satisfactory) and she was able to substantiate her view.


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