NB100 Reader

February 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Ok, more on the reading issue, for 3 reasons.

1. Another cover lesson experience. English Yr 8. Visit to the library for a lesson reading was met with 30% groans. Some really disengaged readers but in this instance the prime candidates were 3 girls.

2. Headteacher agrees to investing in some readers for SENCO.

3. The Network manager and co respond to challenge and manage to rotate Toshiba NB100 screen, get free reader and speaker.

The pocket reader can +/- text, text colour, background, turn the page corner and let you leave annotations. A dictionary that hyperlinks to wikipedia and rotateit turns the screen.

So the netbook we are looking at using with our students can do it all and the battery makes for a comfortable handle! More when we finalise our reviews of the freeware and test it out. Already there are hundreds of ideas flooding through. This could have a significant impact on the English budget for classic texts. Note only can students have their own texts but they can annotate them freely.


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