January 31, 2009 § 3 Comments

Make (collaborate and share) Your Own Video Game Free for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Well, so far so good. I signed up for the Beta and Dave Werner and his team were quick to respond. I installed the program, signed in and within minutes I was playing. So I posted to Twitter rather quickly my PLN colleagues confirmed my first impressions.

eyebeams @KristianStill @moodlefairy – that looks great!

Atmosphir is a third person, 3D, adventure game but thats not the source of my enthusiasm. Problem solving is a fantastic skill to develop, but designing problems requires much more complex and deep thinking!

Atmosphir does a great job of explaining the gaming concept so I wont digress there but where Atmosphir excels is in the simple but very effective level editor and market place. There are thousands of platforms, fixed blocks, disappearing platforms, elevators, obtacles, extra lives, keys/locks, flying powerups, props, and collectable items. Blocks are organized into themes and categories, so finding specific pieces is quick and painless and this palette is always expanding.

More importantly for me, you can create, collaborate and share your levels with other players/designers and gain instant feedback through a ‘star’ donatation scheme. This is the second key aspects that enthuses me as an educator. This brings additional value to an Atmosphir project but one that also encourages cross establishment / school collaboration as well.

§ 3 Responses to Atmosphir

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  • Frederik says:

    I have to agree with you, atmosphir is a fantastic game. I dont know if you checked the game lately, but the’ve really imrooved the whole game. Feedback became even better with a 5-star rating system, in-game level coments have been added, new enemies, new blocks, new background colors,…

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