First Impressions

January 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

How many first impressions do you get as a school/college, or department? Its not a glib comment. Prospective employees, parents, students or visits. What are their first impressions and where/how do they conceive them?

The front gates, how the College presents itself, the physical buildings and school uniform is not within my jurisdiction. The website, check. It improving and maturing slowly. The ICT rooms are much improved, the hardware still needs updating in 2 of 4 rooms but its getting better. Blinds, chairs and noticeboards all make a real difference. The front office, well the PADS  notice board still need TLC.

What about the coffee table and the traditional table top material? Will I have visited a number of schools the past year and its not uncommon to be presented with the school proudest news clippings. Nothing wrong here but with adding a technology, voice to be precise, it could just add a little something to that first impression. Talking Products offer a range of products that can deliver your message with audio. It would certainly add a little something the ‘All about me’ presentation many young student create. As an aside, we also like the talking tins, a very simple way to add activity and low level ICT to MFL classes in KS3. Any other ideas?


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