January 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Having lived and studied in America, I am accustomed to pledges. The Pledge of Allegiance, is a well grounded memory. What about students pledges, simple confirmations that students stand for something and against something else. I read on Wes Fryers blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity about an anti-bullying pledge run by American Girl (a girls doll/accessories company – I probably do the store a disservice). Anyway, I thought I should at least share this with a Student Voice and see if we could post a pledge on our College website and see what uptake there is.  Is there another link here to the Digital Leaders?

  1. Stand up to put-downs,
  2. Help those who are being bullied,
  3. Inform adults when I need to,
  4. Never use my computer or cell (mobile UK translation, LOL) phone to hurt others,
  5. Encourage my friends to stand up against bullying, too.

I will let you know their response. Positive Esafety? Which ties in neatly with our KS3 curriculum right now. In return I thought I would share the  CEOP channel and Thinkuknow resources with Wes Fryer.

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