January 20, 2009 § 2 Comments

Now this is just a wonderful way to waste time, be create and have fun. I could not be simplier. KS2 students would devour it, KS3 students would love it, now I am not so sure about KS4, but adult fans of Garfield…. well its a time drain. Design your own Garfield comic strips through simple drag and drop, move, scale, flip and view.

You’ll find all the main Garfield characters – Garfield, Jon, Odie, Nermal and Arlene – in various poses, with speech or thought bubbles, custom background and props for each scene. Just remember, there is no layering so add the characters in the background first.

Digital Leadership


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  • Mark Warner says:

    Sounds good… do you have the link?

    • Sure do, I will also add it to the post. This week our Key Stage 4 students (15-16 yr olds) used it. The low ability group took a little time to use it sensibly but the middle and top bands really impressed me. We set the scence and they were asked to use it to teach Nermal how to use the internet and create effecting internet searches. Link.
      One last point, some students lost work because after looking at their work they all they had to do to return to the drafting was click the cartoon!

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