Now its Pivot Stickman

January 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

Pivot Stickman has been popular with our Digital Leaders for sometime now and their expertise has been put to good use during curriculum lessons. This week the Year 8 students were introduced to Pivot Stickman (PSM) as part of their sequencing unit with Digital Leaders in my class facilitating the lesson, well introducing, showing their animations and supporting their peers. Well done boys.

For me this was what the Digital Leaders scheme is all about. Introducing a different concept like sequencing and using a more engaging tool like PSM to shine a light on the task, BUT for the Digital Leaders to distribute the teaching responsibility. Four observations for you, more than normal as I was able to observe the learning that was taking place in the lesson.

The two Digital Leaders were proud as punch to showcase their work

The Digital Leaders, having experimented with PSM, had the answers to the type of questions Year 8 students asked. Afterall, they are Year 8 teachers.

Students were happier asking their peers than staff (I was a little deflatted by this observation) and some of the typically less engaged students were seeking support. That is in part because PSM if fun.

The students seem preoccupied in decapiting one of the characters? I do not the answer why?

You can access a range of animation tools and software via my Kristianstill@delicious.

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