Introducing Moodle

January 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

In a few weeks time our Learning Platform is installed and integrated with our MIS. A new member of staff joins us, focusing 3 days a week on Moodle and 2 days a week in the office working on integrating Sims within the school.

The question for me is how to blend the Learning Platform into the staff and students daily life without having to push it onto staff and taking on additional strain. Yes it can feature as an aspect of Performance Management, yes we can offer wholeschool, dept and 121 training. Yes we can appoint LP advocate/champions or leading lights. But are there creative opportunities to weave in the Learning Platform into the wholecollege consciousness? Any thoughts?

A wholecollege project would be one approach? Suspend the Year 7/8/9 curriculum and ask all departments to contribute to a unit of work delivered through the LP? All teachers have laptops and projects but it would strain the ICT facilities. I take a very positive stance towards project based learning and would be interested in talking with schools that have applied such an approach.

After that I am stumped? Any ideas?



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