Digital Domain, Breath-taking.

December 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is why I love MY news, exposure to something I would never have ever looked for, nor stumbled upon. All thanks to RSS.For those of you unfamiliar with RSS, I will keep it short as not to annoy those that do, because they are thinking you really should have heard of RSS by now.

RSS feeds deliver self selected news to you, where-ever you choose it to be, the theme behind recent BBC campaining. In my case I have grown accustomed to having MY news accessible to me where ever I am, using Googles ‘Reader.’ I simple log into my Google account and read MY news. Its 24/7 CPD.

Now here’s the fix, I am reading TED’s (you should spend some time there too) list of speakers for 2009 (from their BLOG RSS) and mouse-over Ed Ulbrich, digital story teller and that’s me intrigue. From Ted to Digital Domain and I am inspired. Check out their film reels, dig a little deeper and they show how some of the CGI effects are created in ‘behind the scenes.’ Breath-taking visual effects with simple explanation, enjoy.

What a fantastic example to inspire the students, to stretching the boundaries of their perception of the advertising world in which they exist. A pool of production quality examples for Units 4 and 21 in the OCR Nationals. I haven’t even exhausted all link. Digital Domains, get stuck in.



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