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December 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

Following a conversation with a colleague, I was asked about how they as parents could support/monitor their children’s online time, what the government refers to an e-Safety. So I posted a short answer on the Colleges blog. Here it is, can we add to it?

In reflection, I realised that this information may be welcomed by our students parents, guardians and carers. A full review is far beyond this forum, however I thought that I could share some links and tools with you.

Within College we have an infrastructure of whole-college awareness, designated responsibilities, acceptable use policies and procedures. We also have a range of tools to help us filter and monitor students online activity. What is readily available for you to use in the home?

Information: Parent Centre is a government support advisory service covering a wide range of topics. Simarily Child-net offers a host of projects, presentations and interactive materials designed to support the role of parent, guardian or carer.

During my conversation, the focus quickly turned to ‘Messenger.’ the hugely popular chat service. Interesting Microsoft have responded to parents call for assistance and recently launch their FREE Family Safety module offering safer browsing with Web site management for parents, including monitoring of MSN Messenger.

Now there are many more technology topics we could discuss, Thinkuknow outline the most widely used online tools. Should you have any further topics you think we should be discussing then emailThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it me.

This ties in nicely with my investigation of the WINDOWS LIVE options.



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