Communicating through Windows Live

December 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

live_essentials_logo.pngIn November, Microsoft released a major update to its Windows Live online services. The Windows Live suite included updates for mail, messenger, photo gallery and more, I was particular interested in how Movie Maker would work. I blogged about the  Windows Live Family Safety features although I am not sure our students won’t find numerous ways around these features. There are also a two new additions: Windows Live Sync and the Office Live Add-In. Silverlight is now also part of the Live Essentials suite.

We now also have Live Sync which allows you to sync any kind of file to the 25GB of space that Microsoft’s SkyDrive online storage service now offers. Now this has potential. I had read somewhere that the LIVE OFFICE would include OneNote? I have not seen evidence of this yet? Anyone?

Regardless we move forward. I am considering to use a folder and group to develop a group of Moodle ICT teachers. A place to share information and documents. I let you know how we get on – my only reservation with this option is that the Moodle group will set up a Moodle LP for this purpose.



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