NCSL – Ten Years Younger

December 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

Its been too long since I spent time on a Middle Leadership CPD learning task. Accepted, I read technology and education blogs most days, I try and write to my blog most weeks and I have taught myself how to use a few new software tools. I continue to contribute to my Personal Learning Network (PLN) although with our new son, thats tailed off a little. I contribute to the Subject Learning Network as part of HIAS and I have also visited four schools this term, when it comes to genuine Middle Leadership and strategy development I need to make time for my own CPD leadership development.

Working at Taunton’s College, I stumbleupon the National College and School Leadership (NCSL). It took two weeks to get my memberhip approved and I completed the highly valued Online Facilitation & Tutoring course. To be honest though, the interface was pretty dismal, clunky but functional. I read the LDR magazines and from that I dipped in and out of the NCSL site to watch some of the excellent leadership videos referenced but I dont think I really took full advantage of the service.

Yesterday I revisited the sites and its had a much needed makeover. It looks ten years younger! Slim lined, functions, modularised (as most Social Networks are these days) and informative. If you have not been recently, its worth a visit.



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