Performance Management

December 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well there is not too much to share. The meeting was simple. The head was pleased with the progress academically and understandably squeezing for every extra percentage point for ICT pass grades. Conversation quickly moved onto the IT focus which I was able to share with him via quotes and a prepared calendar.

In order;

1. VLE appointment

2. VLE install

3. IT security and back ups (this really is a priority)

4. Meet with the E-Learning Foundation and development of the Netbook project

5. Development of Sims within College.

Finances were discussed and agreed. In part, we can procure certain items until the new financial year arrives but that should not deter us from moving from one stepping stone to the next. I raised the issue of time, creating time to do the administration of the projects but this drew a blank. It will be revised in next years timetable, however the new post with take some of the strain.

Identification of the ‘cultural architects’ – this is the next and very important job. Which staff are going to bring about shift in educational practice? Organic growth or forced growth?

I meant to ask our head about recruitment. I think that VLE skills should be an important factor in our employment thinking. I hope that we can ask new staff to complete an ICT skills audit as part of their application process.



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