DMGC Week 2

November 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well we didnt expect that! We had 46 students arrived and two can after other clubs. Thats nearly a 80% increase from week 1. We started with a few annoucements and then gave a short demo of GIMP. We were not expecting so many students, registration was awkward. I might asked if we can have an official register in Sims? Students dipped their toes in the graphics art water and we set a DMGC task of creating a piece of art work for the corridor.

We introduced the term Digital Leader and gave the Year 11 students the reponsibility of setting up and introducing the first game. What did we learn?

Now in two rooms, the younger students accidently joined the wrong server / game (in the other room). We now know to passward protect the game in each room.

We need more headsets – cost.

We are collecting small donations (no more than £1), but we need to raise £600 for a decent gaming headsets for both rooms. Donations need to be collected at the start but we do not want this to be an issue. Students do not have pay, but a small contribution is appreciated.

Year 11 students were fantastic. We expect that they will run next weeks session.

Set up a dummy server on which to run the game, running the server PC from a gamers/leaders PC caused the game to slow down.

At 5pm, students were disappointed that its finished? Is a 5pm finish late enough? If it was later would parents join us or make collection easier?

A bright start so far.



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