Who Hits the Ball Back?

July 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Look, I am very lucky to have a number of talented teachers to share ideas with, both within the department and through my PLN (Personal Learning Network) Who do you share ideas with if you are the only member of staff in your teaching team? Who hits the ball back?

Today I was talking with a collague and I learnt two very important lessons.

  1. Don’t presume teaching staff know how and where to get connected. In this case a very talented and receptive member of staff, was keen to explore options of networks (NING and neeetz), wikis and blogs. I need to do more than just outline how and where she can access such tools. As the only Health and Social Care teacher in our school I need to help get connected.
  2. We spoke about a range of tools to develop the topic of nutrition. We looked at nutrient counters and infosites such as nutritiondata and of teachertube. Yes, the humble teacher video resource. She was particular interested in how she could ‘get that video.’ Apart from merely playing it her lesson from the internet, she wanted to capture that video for her resources… (more of that later). So second I learnt that if the enthused are new to web tools like teacher tube, then I need to find a better way of sharing the ‘not so hidden gems’ of the information highway than I am right now.

I need to think about how I am going to share these tools more effectively next year! Yes, we need an ICT strategy team, but we also needs a 21st Century Resources team and a mega phone would be handy. My thanks to my colleague, I will make sure I support her future adventures.


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