Summer Term

June 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

This time next year I hope to be able to return to this post and see how we planned out ‘the new year’ and measure the progress we made. With just 4 weeks remaining, moderation completed, we need to ensure we finish this years coursework is moderated and tie off lose ends. This will may prove very difficult to achieve, staff need to be made clearly aware of their responsibilities to the students they are currently teaching in order to limited overwork / confusion next September. At present I have proposed an ICT morning for Year 9 and 10 groups, however I am sure this is a difficult task to organise.

So to planning ahead for next year,

KS4 Assignments for Unit 1, 7 and 4 need to be re-written/written and Internally Verified (INSET).
SOW for each Unit need to be structured, however each SOW will need flexibility as differentiated groups will progress at difference rates.

Internal moderation dates for Unit work needs to be identified and structured.

Importantly the availability of the NWLG OCR tutorials have given all students tasks they can be focused on in class INDEPENDENTLY.

ICT Noticeboards in each class need to attended to and key information posted.

KS3 My colleague is writing and the SOW – resources will need to be written to match and support these schemes.

Training needs to be introduced into the meeting to enable staff who deliver at KS3 to be confident. This means that we may need to organise team meetings on a fortnightly basis focusing on these two distinct sets of teaching staff. So far it looks something like this…


This is the area I have given least attention to so far, however significant changes in the Nework should have a big impact on the staff, the single domain and online registration are starters. Development of the college information system via the CMS Website, potential wireless coverage, UMPC integration and deployment and Learning Platform to follow.

Investment of time and well organised and structure training needs to be made available in to staff. This may be whole college, for groups. Preceeding this a staff audit needs to be undertaken and ICT training opportunities investigated.

ICT strategy group to be formed, ICT Network Manager, Administration Office Supervisor, SLT and Teaching staff?

We still need to complete the SRF and this will be raised again in September when the management structure has been outlined.

ICT Network

At present the college is looking at a hybrid system, of our technician and an experienced, support Network Manager. The focus is getting back to the Network Manager focusing his efforts on servicing the teaching and learning rather than pure Network Development. More to come here.



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