Pizzled yet Pleased

May 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

serif-in-education.jpgI recently read about a new addition to the dictionary, ‘pizzled,’ An amalgamation of the words “pissed off” and “puzzled.” Well I was certainly pizzled this week! Not knowing what was wrong with my PC and internet connection, we finally managed to convince Virgin to send an engineer to visit. I felt vilified when he too could not find the solution to our intermittent and erratic internet connection and we have a senior engineer coming out on Wednesday.

On the plus side, I brought home my ‘work’ laptop and installed the TRIAL Serif software I requested / was sent by Serif. So far I am very pleased with what I have encountered.  I felt that DRAW Plus software very suitable, easy to understand and the products could swiftly created. I am sure that there is much more to discover and I hardly investigated the animation options, which look interesting. The tutorials would prove useful teaching aids, but I would like more screencasts as shown on the website. Overall 8/10, a reasonable friendly software option that and might prove useful not only for Unit 2 (Web Creation), Unit 3 (Digital Imaging) and Unit 23 (Digital Video) but also Unit 4 (MultiMedia Products). We might even use Draw X2 to help emphase the branding and house style required in Unit 1. It may also prove useful for Technology. Movie Plus was quite advanced, probably a lot more advanced than we would need at Level 2 but that’s not to say it is not appropriate. Given time, I will let you know what I think of the other products. In the meantime you can read more at the Serif website or email then at ocr@serif.com


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