Its only Tuesday and…

February 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

snowplough.jpgThe snow plough is already being revved up. I have already noted three key roles for my position this term;

1. Complete a Self Review Framework

2. Discipline Policy

3. Yr 11 Emergency Policy

The first proposal is one being presented tomorrow, this itself will add to the work load. After I the document is presented to our Head, it must be implimented and managed. The results will connect to staff training, local meetings and strategic review dates and of course future change policy.

Discipline, this can not continue to engulf the working day. A discipline policy features next at the top of my to do list. Importantly, I need to explain to staff that students are not to be sent to ICT for coursework, at the same time, I need to offer small group ICT option for English. Would the eeepc work?

I am unsure that Yr 11 will complete their course as planned. What can we do to support those nearing the completion criteria?

Finally, planning teaching and engaging with students is important to me personally. This must not be set aside or even displaced…. and its only Tuesday!


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