February 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is not a typical post. I am not writing about work but why I work in education. Half term was great til Tuesday…. wednesday through Saturday I was struggling with a cold, today was the first day I felt a little better and its back to the grind stone tomorrow. Still, too much to do…

Refocus –

I received an email from Dean today reminding me about his blog. I changed the name of the wiki, more of that later. I introduced Dean to blogging, well, updating a wiki page some 7/8 months ago (its all I knew back then) and eveytime I read one of his posts it makes me proud. Not just the ‘proud’ cos hes one of my students, but proper proud becuase I know wirting and sharing his experiences has made a real difference to his growing maturity, to him showing appreciatation to his family here in England and his adopted family and friends in the States, but also I am proud of the choices he is making and that he even wants to share them with, well with everyone.So now its about time he sets up either a blog or a tumblr, whichever is most appropriate.

Just in case you want to read his work, first prepare yourself its an emotional rollercoaster, and click….

To Dean, how I wish I had my memories written down like you have. One day, when today seems like a life time ago, you will be able to flick through the posts and re-live them first hand, how jealous am I! Why work in education? Read Dean’s blog, read and listen closely and you hear the answer.


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