Coming up for Air

February 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

I didn’t blog or reflect this weekend, I needed to come up for air. I also wanted to spend some quality time with my wife, we deserved it, and she deserved it more than anyone.

The Last Week of Term

I was not very impressed with my achievements this week, perhaps too much to manage and perhaps my expectations were too high. What did we achieve? What could we have done better?

A new temporary IT Technician appointment. I was not 100% confident in our advertising and interview process, I think we need to do better for future appointments, (still need to confirm ICT advert is ready to go out). On which point, I also hope to meet with Jo Palmer to look at the information sent to prospective employees – as a school we need to sell ourselves. In saying that I think we managed the late departure effectively and I think our appointment will make a significant contribution.

Wednesday / Thursday I was reminded of some tough teaching realities. You can only offer support, you can not ensure it will be received. I need to show my appreciation of the work of the pastoral staff.

I presented both Yr8 groups with a simple practical ICT exam. Scores were expectedly low. I think this had an impact of the students – how it will impact on the students future expectations for class I am unsure? I am hoping it will bring a little more focus. Some students have already muted their wish for a better learning experience.

Thursday – meeting. Prepare the agenda before the start of the working week. Time races past.

Friday – real achievements made with introducing Databases through the Bow Street Runner. More work required on this SOW.

Student discipline seems to be a continuing issue. The students definitely need to be made aware of the AUP. Unacceptable behaviour needs to be picked up and actioned upon and through Censornet. More short term work for a long term gain.

Some positive developments on the intranet page. Delicious, calendars, AUP, Baracuda, now I need to share this conscientiously with Middle Leaders. I may even ask Ian for a regular spot in the MOTs meetings. Still looking at teacher ICT control in classes. Website WordPress?

In preparation for next term, I need to look at both Unit 7 and 21. Check SOW of Yr 7 and 8.

The focus for half term is to write a Strategic Plan.

For what it is worth, I recognise aspects of the post I can not immediately impact upon; the lack of previous leadership within the dept, fractured staffing, the learning expectations of the groups, the current physical and ICT environment, students frustrations with multiple courses.

Others that I need to work through; my inexperience of middle leadership and 11-16 teaching (learning everyday), the establishment of the NEW curriculum (OCR), professional working standards in and around the use of IT (with just 2 FT staff). The focus remains clearly on the department and it may be prudent to continue with this focus for one more half term (with small scale opportunties taken with individual teaching staff) otherwise the scope of the role may become over whelming.


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